What makes comedy funny

14 Mar

Comedy can be broken down into three or four groups for ease of this seven sentence discussion…

Character Comedy – Some people are naturally funny, it’s hard to know why but their mannerisms, their weaknesses, their social indiscretions and their timing just make them funny.

Situational Comedy – Situations can provide us with a huge amount of comedy, normally these juxtapose the hilarious, the inappropriate, the expected or the irreverent with the serious moments in life… creating a funny and yet painful situation.

Physical Comedy – The way people move, the way they interact with others and/or their environment can also provide much hilarity.

Gag Comedy – The way people speak, the quips, the gags and the language they use to relate can also be very funny.

A good comedy needs a combination of these different types of humor but it also needs something else… it needs pain. Humor is a holy anesthetic for the pain of being, and an acknowledge of this pain gives a great comedy its heart.


2 Responses to “What makes comedy funny”

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