Nothing ever turns out how I plan?

17 Mar

Filmmaking is a tough process, literally thousands of rejections come your way as you go about trying to raise finance, build a team and raise up your celluloid baby. Yesterday I went for a walk and uttered these words “nothing ever turns out how you plan.” I have a much older friend who is 72, he recently said to me… “nothing in my life has ever turned out how I planned.”

My question is simple “why does it have to?”  Life doesn’t owe us anything. I can get so focussed on the results, that I forget to enjoy the incredible adventure that I’m on.

Like any adventure, life has ups and downs, moments of incredible heartbreak and moment of sweet victory… the most important thing is to keep on living until you turn the final page.


One Response to “Nothing ever turns out how I plan?”

  1. Christine Marie March 17, 2010 at 11:22 am #


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