Using the waiting time

22 Mar

Waiting is something we do a lot of. I was challenged by this fact last week, when I spent two days waiting for a meeting that never happened. Waiting can feel like a waste of time unless you learn to use that time productively.

In its most primal sense the the whole reason we are forced to wait may be to simply teach us patience. I believe when we are forced to wait the first question we should ask is “what am I meant to learn from this time?”

To learn to wait well, we must give up our frightfully ugly need to control every second of our daily schedule. When we are “always in control” learning is almost impossible.


One Response to “Using the waiting time”

  1. sonny March 22, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    I have always been patient and it is a good thing for me because I always wait for everything but I’ve learned to enjoy the wait.I have waited for something for forty years and have remained comfortably patient.Peace,Love,Sonny

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