Financing Independent Films

24 Mar

It is really very difficult to finance a film under three million dollars. It may seem strange but easier to finance a film that costs 10 million dollars. I found a really interesting blog on film finance written by Producer and Film Financing Expert Jeff Steele (Click here)

This is the very reason why we need to come up another method for financing films; which is exactly why I’ve created the Online Film Village concept. A business model which uses tribal storytelling concepts and allows the filmmaker to build an energized audience before the film has even reached the cinema.

Independent filmmaking is all about engaging with a niche market, a smaller, stronger fan-base of people who genuinely love your film. Interestingly this is also the way of the internet.


One Response to “Financing Independent Films”

  1. Bartolo Ansaldi March 25, 2010 at 6:31 am #

    Hi Geoff,
    I agree with you. I was once talking to an Italian Producer who said “It’s easier to find financing for a film starring Robert Deniro than an Independent low budget film”.
    Financiers see a real opportunity of making money with Deniro, while not with a low budget film (low budget usually means less distribution).

    But I found out there are too many interests to take in consideration, and because film makers want to save money or don’t have a team they trust, they try to do all by themselves.
    I started to think we should instead chose someone else’s project and help him out.
    This is the only chance we have to reach the snow ball effect we all need.
    After all we want to make films, chasing money is just something we have to, but don’t like.

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