Blogging can be a struggle

27 Mar

I am having trouble knowing what to write at the moment, that is the real kicker of writing a daily blog. 414 days in a row and I feel like I have hit a metaphoric wall.

Blogging is an interesting thing much like sport it can feel like you’re going through a form slump. Whenever life gets tough, or you feel like you’re losing your touch it’s important to simply… “keep on swinging.”

You can’t hit the ball if you swing the bat right? And you’re only one big hit away from finding form.

I have been in America to long, that’s why I’ve started using baseball analogies.


2 Responses to “Blogging can be a struggle”

  1. Bartolo Ansaldi March 29, 2010 at 11:31 am #

    Dear Mr Talbot,

    I understood you have some trouble finding something to talk about in your blog lately, so maybe you won’t mind answering a question from a fellow film maker.

    I usually like to spend some of my time listening to someone else’s film projects and try to help with at leas some advise when I can, as I have a bit of experience now.

    Filmmakers are usually crazy about their projects, and could do anything to let them take off.
    But sometimes it simply can’t happen.
    I lately talked to an indie Producer/Director trying to advise him not to do certain moves and don’t trust certain people I know, but he will do it anyway just because they say it’s something easy to do (which is not, and would be stupid to do).
    He will pay a lot of money to someone that will just take advantage of his inexperience, steal it and won’t do anything for him, but break his dreams.
    And I will have to seat and watch another one of my lot being destroyed by a shark transvestite as a business friend.
    So I’m now thinking if I’m making exactly the same mistakes I advise not to do.
    We usually say we are different, our film project is different, we are special, and we will beat the odds and succeed.
    But are we?

    My question is: What is the difference between Passion and Obsession, and when is it time to give up?

    Thank you,


    • geofftalbot March 29, 2010 at 12:29 pm #

      Great question Bartolo… I understand and feel your pain. I shall answer it as best I can in tomorrow’s blog… Until then I shall think upon my answer

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