Distinguishing Passion from Obsession

30 Mar

Yesterday a reader of this blog asked me the following question… “how do you distinguish passion from obsession?” It a pertinent and important question it would be futile to spend your whole life pursuing an unhealthy obsession, loving something or someone who will never love you back.

Hollywood is full of people obsessed with fame, wealth and power… and none of these things have the ability to love you back.

How do I know that I am passionate rather than obsessed with making films? How does anyone distinguish the difference between passion and obsession? One must look ONLY to their own heart and their own motives to answer this question.

I truly love filmmaking because I love creating, I love the art itself and at the end of the day success or failure, films in the cinema or an “unsuccessful” life of immense frustration that love is undeniably enough!

(con’ tomorrow)


2 Responses to “Distinguishing Passion from Obsession”

  1. geofftalbot March 30, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    Wow Chaz I am so glad you disagreed with me. You make such a valid point. Still I think that one must reconcile other peoples opinions with what is inside their own heart if they are going to change.

  2. Chaz March 30, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    Geoff, for the first time I must disagree in love. I see it being only in a very rare circumstance in which someone is so self-aware that they can notice an obsession they have for something and be able address it. I would imagine many cult leaders, radicals, or serial killers never thought themselves to be obsessed, only passionate.

    It is checks and balances, accountability, and community where you can be vulnerable enough for others to notice when you cross the line where passion meets obsession — because most likely you will not.

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