I got screwed by the parking warden

8 Apr

Once again I find myself caught in the “crop circle” of anxiety. Over the past 12 months my financial status has ebbed and flowed like a yo yo. It’s a daunting thing being overseas and watching the bank balance slowly fade away to zero.

There are really only two ways of looking it, with anxiety or with faith. The sixty dollar parking fine I received this morning really threw me into an anxiety riddled tail spin ( I uttered a nasty phrase that mentioned my mother but I was really referring to the parking warden). But really even this “ridiculous fine” was simply another opportunity to pull on the “faith” tee-shirt.

Within an hour 2/3’s of my fine had been paid, a friend paid for breakfast and another friend gave me $20 bucks when I helped him avoid his own parking ticket. All this reminds me that no matter what happens I am on the right path, doing the right thing, right now.


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