Photos often lie

9 Apr

Photographs capture momentary truth because they only capture a single moment. As people we often tend to frame our memories, our futures, our friends, our enemies and even our faiths as a single snapshot of truth. That one thing (i.e. an insult from a person) is allowed to become our “truth picture” defining and oversimplifying that way we view that person or the experience as a whole.

Truth should be of vital importance to the artist but not momentary photographic truth but truth as a whole, truth as an experience, truth as a person. If this is your pursuit you will begin to create and capture art that is in fact a series of contradictory photographs. A metaphoric photographic essay that captures the contradictory truths inside every human being that when viewed as a whole series of experiences (loves & hates) shows you and me as we are truthfully are…

Yearning for truth, desiring but never quite finding single-mindedness, always looking for something more.


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