Lucky & Rich

11 Apr

I am hopeful that I will be announcing some big news in regards to “Lucky & Rich” an Indie feature film we have in development very soon. Here are some comments that we have received on the screenplay…

“I came to love Lucky, Rich and Scrap. I wept at the end of the story. Here is a film which must be made so we must pray for backers who would commit for its sake, not the box-office return and who would not be offended by its rough content, language and texture.”

‘L&R’ has all the hallmarks of the next ‘Before Sunrise’ or ‘Nick and Norah.’ It’s a great piece that could peel like an onion in the long tail.”

“I really enjoyed reading Lucky and Rich and found it a touching script. I was thoroughly engaged as the story unfolded, laughing out loud at times. I would be happy to pass on the script to some of our investors for their consideration.“

“This is a beautifully crafted script. It was a pleasure to read something of such truly touching compassion and honesty (a rare thing).”


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