Bewilderment is true knowledge

13 Apr

“Bewilderment is true knowledge” this is a direct quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Theologian imprisoned and eventually executed by Hitler. Other people would say “the more you know the less you know” which is a softer version of the same quote.

We spend so much time trying to predict and control what will happen in our futures, we dream of our retirement, we make a five year plan and we set short term goals hoping to somehow “know” the future. My friend Don, who is closer to the end of his life than the beginning once looked me in the eye and said… “nothing in life has ever turned out how I planned.”

Now planning is okay and it can be good but it is pure evil if it stops you enjoying and living in the present moment and in the circumstances in which you find yourself. It provides you with false knowledge and faux safety, you could be spending the best years of your life dreaming of tomorrow?

You must be prepared to know nothing if you truly want to live…

P:S: Continued tomorrow. Please comment.


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