Bewilderment is true knowledge – Part 2

14 Apr

My life has been very unpredictable, it has especially been this way in the past 14 months, I believe I am being taught the importance of faith and to live in the moment. When circumstances force you to admit that you have no idea where you will be next week, it becomes futile to live in your dreams and to try and control the future. You are left only with faith and the task of working hard and enjoying each day.

It has been a tough lesson and a good one. To faithfully surrender ones life and to give up the need to control your future is the most life-giving thing you can do. We still make our plans, but plans like life need to be dynamic and flexible.

Today I hop on a plane and fly to North Carolina to have business meetings around Lucky & Rich and our Online Film Village storytelling Model; no way I could have planned that two weeks ago.


One Response to “Bewilderment is true knowledge – Part 2”

  1. sonny April 14, 2010 at 2:46 pm #

    I hope it is a win.

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