The Story of Claude – Part 2

20 Apr

“Business is all about relationships, actually LIFE is all about relationships,” those were the words he uttered that first captured my attention. He was a dapper looking gentlemen from North Carolina, wearing flash threads with suspenders and a stylish hat to match.

His words caught my attention, I had been sitting in that Beverly Hills coffee shop for the past five months and never in that time had I heard anyone in the film business talk in that tone. I liked this man, he had an ease, an honesty and a quality about him that made him altogether trustworthy. So I did what any struggling artist in Hollywood would do… I ran to my car and I got my script and my business plan out of the trunk. Then I sat back down at my table in the coffee shop and I rather obviously and plainly read them in full view of the man that I now know as Claude.

The longer I waited the more nervous I got; because I was listening to the conversation at the table next to mine and I couldn’t believe the lies that I was hearing…

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One Response to “The Story of Claude – Part 2”

  1. sonny April 20, 2010 at 8:14 am #

    There is much of that going around in the U.S.A. now a days via Tea party,birthers and other Republicans.

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