The Story of Claude – Part 3

21 Apr

So I was sitting at the table in this Beverly Hills cafe reading my script in a rather obvious manner trying to get the attention of a gentlemen we now know as Claude. Claude was being stiff armed by three other African-American Gentlemen who desperately wanted him to invest in their film fund.

They had a 270 million dollar film fund, were vastly experienced in the film business and were best friends with several different film stars; it seemed like Will Smith was their favorite chum. Of-course all of this was either hyperbole or straight out lies.

When people talk about who they know, they are usually desperately trying to “avoid talking” about what they don’t know. Name dropping is often a cover for a lack of confidence and self belief in ones own abilities.

I wasn’t impressed at all with these three men; but I was impressed with Claude because I could tell that he clearly saw through their disguise….

P:S: What happened next was miraculous… find out tommorow. I only have seven sentences to tell this story.

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