The Story of Claude – Part 4

24 Apr

I’m so sorry that I have missed two days of blogging, my life has turned upside down, excitedly hectic and full of immense possibilities; all because of the man I met in the coffee shop, this man called Claude. Back to the story that began 3 weeks ago…

So I’m sitting there at the coffee shop in Beverly Hills, hungry from my fast, listening to these three con artists trying to scam Claude. I’m reading my scripts in the background in an overt fashion, hoping that Claude will notice that I’m “in the industry.” I begin to feel foolish, I begin to feel nervous, doubt overwhelms me; I pray this prayer…

“God if you’ve set his up, if you want me to meet this man, then get him to talk to me because I don’t have the faith to walk across the room and speak to this stranger.”

The point of todays blog is this… You can have huge faith in a very weak thing (yourself) or you can have miniscule, fickle, frail, mustard seed type faith in an incredible good, massive thing (God).

Claude got up from the table and grabbed himself a coffee and headed back towards the table… He stopped short of his chair, he looked right at me and said “how are you doing today?”

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2 Responses to “The Story of Claude – Part 4”

  1. sonny April 26, 2010 at 4:41 am #

    I can relate to this situation.


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