The Story of Claude – Part 5

25 Apr

Claude was real friendly and real southern and just like fried chicken I liked him from the get go. He had an absence of bullshit and a genuine quality about him. I discussed briefly with him, my plans for film-making and the internet and we exchanged business cards.

I dropped Claude an email that night briefly telling him how nice was to hear someone in Hollywood talking about the “inherent value” in relationships and I apologized for eavesdropping on his conversation… excusing myself on the groungs of being creative. As an aside listening to other peoples conversations, and people watching (staring) are an essential ingredient if any artist really wants to get to know his audience.

When I pressed SEND on my email, I did it with very low expectations, the way a man might put a message in a bottle. I was so used to meeting people and not hearing from them again that I wasn’t certain that I would ever meet Claude again. Little did I know that we would be eating dinner 24 hours later…

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