The Story of Claude – Part 8

28 Apr

Eventually the talk moved on to what I am doing with film and how the internet has changed the landscape forever. Claude really seemed to understand what I was getting at, he added to the vision, he understood me.

If you want to innovate you must begin your task with the simple notion that the way things have been done in the past is not the way they will be done in the future. With the internet the past is two years ago, with film the past is the last eighty years. Big systems like big ships out on the ocean take a long time to turn, they take a long time change. For this reason alone innovation nearly always comes from the renegade fighters, those who subvert the system from the outside.

Claude was going to leave for the airport at 7:30pm that night, but when he didn’t leave to well after 8pm I knew I’d found a good friend, a man who had different but complimentary skills to mine, a man I could trust, a disruptive partner in crime. A few days later the phone rang and the next thing I knew I was being flown to Charlotte on the East Coast of America.

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