The Story of Claude – Part 10

30 Apr

In between the laughter, the dancing and the parties I really got to know Claude, he’s not a perfect man but he doesn’t pretend to be one either. He loves his family and he loves his friends. Many people I met remarked that if I was ever in trouble Claude was the man that I should call; and in their eyes I could tell that many of them had already made that phone call.

One of the great things about Claude is that he himself has walked a path similar to mine. He told me stories of years before, of borrowing bow ties and going on trips to sell insurance, sleeping in his car and having to “seal the deal” before he could pay for the gas to drive all the way back. Much dignity comes from the struggling and suffering foes we encounter on the path to success.

There’s a strange thing I’ve noticed in this journey of mine… people who have truly suffered rarely blame God and they are nearly always filled with joy.

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