The Story of Claude – Part 11

1 May

And then we were off to Las Vegas to see my friend technology and entertainment guru Tolga Katas who I had met late last year. The online storytelling model that I have designed requires a tech expert to build it and I have hunch that Tolga might just be our man. Tolga loved what I had conceived and together we believed that he was the surgeon that could give birth to our baby.

That’s the thing about Claude, he has the courage to take risks and to just get things moving, knowing that we don’t have the ability to control the outcome. I guess that’s why many people might think that we are twins… apart from the obvious differences. Actually we often introduce ourselves as twin brothers, same mother, different fathers… it was just that our mother was extremely promiscuous in a very short space of time!

I think that’s why we decided to incorporate a new film company, we were twins and partners in very many ways.

P:S: Final Episode Tommorow


2 Responses to “The Story of Claude – Part 11”

  1. Duane May 2, 2010 at 3:25 am #

    This story is great! I’ve just got my computer back so I’ve read it all in one go. Very exciting stuff.

    • geofftalbot May 2, 2010 at 7:28 am #

      Thanks bro! Yup… climax (of story) due soon.

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