The Story of Claude – Final Episode

2 May

Claude is the Business and I am the Content and together we have created Evoke Pictures USA, an entity with several great projects in development; a film company that plans to use the internet to “give cinema back to the people.”

We are the ultimate “purple cow” a business that stands out from the crowd from the moment of it’s very conception. A dapper African-American gent from the South with great business sense and a crazy Kiwi from even further south living on a few cents and a dream.

People will stop and stare, asking the inevitable … “How the hell did those two guys end up doing business together?” The answer is simple… we met by divine appointment in a coffee shop on the corner of Santa Monica and Beverly Glen.

By the time you read this blog I will be flying over the Atlantic on my way to Europe, to Prague to film some promotional material for our film “Lucky & Rich.”


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