The crazy life…

7 May

Crazy exciting times in the life of Geoff right now. I spent three days filming in the Czech Republic last week and it was a real blast. Duane Codrington; a fantastic cinematographer and a subscriber to this blog hopped on a plan and flew out to the Golden City and shot some fantastic scenes for us.

While we were in Prague I received a late night phone call from Giovanni Jackson, a friend and an LA film producer. He told me that he had been in to see Warner Bros on another matter, and he had shown them the two films that I have in development, “Lucky & Rich” and “The Emancipation of Putz.” The good news is they really want to meet me with me as soon as I got back in to Hollywood.

I had spent a lot of time with Giovanni last year, I had given him those scripts eight months ago; sometimes a seed lies dormant in the ground for a long time before it germinates.


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