Beautiful Apartment in Cannes

12 May

Beautiful Apartment in Cannes

Above is the hallway where my business partner and myself will be spending this years Cannes Film Festival. It is magnificent, sitting right on La Crossette and a stones throw from the ocean. A far cry from the floor I slept on at a friends place at last years gig. I have been blessed and I am very fortunate.

This years film market offers us so many possibilities as we have so many projects in development along with what we believe to be ground breaking technology. Navigation is always the trick at these events. Navigating your way through, the tricksters, the money grabbers, the big talkers and the time wasters to find people who are really just like you.

P:S: Follow my hilarious, stressful and sometimes victorious journey at the Cannes film festival on Twitter @

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One Response to “Beautiful Apartment in Cannes”

  1. M May 13, 2010 at 9:46 am #

    Thank you Geoff, this is my pleasure too when guests are enjoying the place. Thanks also for the comments on the Frenchs, hope they will keep being nice to you and Claude 😉

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