Challenges on the Croisette

15 May

When our feet get tired from walking it’s easy to stop enjoying the incredible terrain through which we cross. Crazy, incredibly challenging times in Cannes yesterday and my feet (metaphor) got tired and I found myself not really enjoying the view. I get stressed when I forget that everything in life outside of faith, family and friends is really just one big game.

In business, everyone pays homage to the mysterious man who runs the game and insists everyone play by the status quo… the rules of his system from which he collects his taxes. I don’t want to play for the MAN anymore and all the other players tell me I’m dreaming.

Kudos to Chris Oatley, a good friend and blog reader who text me the following message yesterday. ” Dreaming is the only way to transcend the status quo.”

P:S: Actually your messages of encouragement are greatly appreciated right now. Text me them on +13236326209 and I will include them in tomorrows blog.


One Response to “Challenges on the Croisette”

  1. Amber-Rose May 15, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    challenging the status quo and pursuing your dreams with different methods than everyone else is how you will become great and memorable. I believe the people who challenge the game and refuse to play by it are the one’s who succeed greatly. Since when do we have to follow a method just because it works most of the time? Why not try create a new method or our own based on the fact that we are uniquely and individually created and creative.
    I think I remember reading that Johnny Depp did all he could in the beginning to try sabotage his acting career, choosing roles that were supposed to fail…

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