You are in a traffic jam you just don’t know it?

18 May

At Cannes most people think the same, they line up in the same tickets queues, they read the same programs… systems work because they provide order, they help you control and direct a large group of people.

Systems don’t work because they do not recognize the uniqueness of every human being, each person has their own tastes and preferences. Many peoples spirits are subconsciously and unintentionally crushed by systems. Provided you follow the flow of traffic, walking shoulder to shoulder with your fellow comrades you will live with a false peace, free from the realization that you have never exercised your human right to choose, that you are simply following the crowd.

The first time you turn to move against the flow of the multitudes (the system) you feel overwhelmed, to move in the opposite direction appears impossible. First you must get out of the traffic, then you will find some space, real freedom that allows you to move where-ever you want too. It will even allow you to join and leave other systems at your pleasure.

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