Shaking hands with the Queen of Monaco

20 May

In our Lucky & Rich screenplay, Homeless Rich says to Lucky… ” I’ve slept in houses of parliament, palaces, mansions, penthouse suites, condos and luxury yacht’s. I conned my way in. Nobody had to tap this ass for me to sleep in those places.”

I am currently shaking my head in disbelief as my life appears to be very much taking on the form of my character. A good and divine force appears to be up to a large amount of creative mischief.

In one hour I shall hop on a bus in Cannes and travel east to the royal palace in Monaco for a film industry function. The crazy thing is I don’t really know how this happened, a friend spoke to a friend and told him what I am doing with film and the internet and the next I know I am shaking hands with the Queen… of Monaco.

If I told you the amount of money I had in my pocket you would shake your head in disbelief, I am just a traveller with a dream and that is all we ever are.

P:S: Of course there is no queen of Monaco but I am still going to the palace.


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