Gotta love the dollar?

31 May

I like to think of money as just a piece of paper with someones face on it, how do you think of money?

I don’t really like to talk about money, I’ve realized this more and more in the past month as I have looked to set up business in America. However artists cannot be ignorant of the financial side of their business for it gives us the “means to create” and if offers us the opportunity to share our art with our audience.

But money is never an end in itself, it is simply the currency of our system, a piece of paper with a prescribed value. In my mind there are “experiences in life” which money can never buy;  priceless, memorable moments in life which transcend and conquer any human system.

These moments belong to the artists in the arena, the creative souls who dare to challenge the system, who love what they do despite the huge personal cost. No amount of money can purchase this moment, you may buy the best seat in the arena but it will never come close to living on stage.


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