Divine Moments

27 Jun

Lately I have not been blogging quite so much, I have missed quite a few days and I apologize to this blogs 800 plus daily readers. There has been a reason for my lack of commitment.

While it is not proper to air all my laundry in public events here have been very discouraging of late, especially from a financial perspective and I have felt like giving up. But today a miracle happened, I was at a meeting in the church that I go to and a woman stood up…

She said she believed that there was someone in the building who had a very big dream and was on the verge of giving up, she insisted that this dream would be fulfilled and that this person shouldn’t give up… that they should continue bravely onwards. Other things were said… and it was as though a higher power had hacked my computer and had been reading my outlook express and had passed on all the info to this lady.

And so I continue… not knowing what to expect but hoping and believing in the dream.


One Response to “Divine Moments”

  1. M June 28, 2010 at 1:15 pm #

    Geoff : don’t give up. Your dream won’t anyhow, as there is too much of you in it. I know it’s easy to say regarding to the daily financial issues but sometimes, we have to accept that the way is not as direct as it could or should be… Also, this is my deep belief as I have told before, your Lucky and Rich story is a hit. It’s only a matter of time, perseverance and methods. There are angels everywhere… even in business. Keep going and secure your daily way from now to then… because it will happen.

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