The shoe never fits in Hollywood…

13 Aug

Sometimes I wonder why I feel so called to live in Hollywood, sometimes it feels like God has a particularly sick sense of humor. I mean this is the land of dreams, a place where stars are found and millions are made. And the truth is I don’t really care for a star on Hollywood Boulevard and no amount of money can warm the heart of any man. The truth is I get real sad every time a bottled blond girl with a Californian tan, collagen filled lips and breasts that only a surgeon could design walks on by.

It’s all an illusion, a filthy lie,  if only I scored this role, or hooked up with this dude, or had a palace in the Hollywood Hills? If I had these things I would finally be… happy. Drink from this bottle of happiness, and you will never be thirsty again, so long as you never stop drinking…


One Response to “The shoe never fits in Hollywood…”

  1. Bartolo August 14, 2010 at 12:58 pm #

    Hey Geoff,
    Isn’t it that way everywhere? We work to achieve a goal and be happy, but either we’re not able to achieve it or when we finally succeed we’re changed and have another goal to be happy.

    I think we’re doomed to never find our happyness, and it’s not bad after all.
    Better to be always in search to find your happyness then dropping your hopes. Then it’s like beeing dead.

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