The Show Marches On…

31 Aug

I’m back in New Zealand for 3 weeks but our “Lucky & Rich” storytelling project marches steadily onwards. I am hoping to announce some big news soon, this sure has been a roller-coaster ride thanks for sharing it with me.

A story use to be one thing, a book, a television show, a movie or a photograph. But the truth is “story” never really was one thing, story is everything, story is life itself. I believe that we are each simple strands of a greater much story, a story too magnificent, too tragic, too epic, too thrilling, too funny, too ironic, too horrible, too triumphant for our very limited human brains to conceive. Life is not a story that can be bound by a genre or a single point in time. Life is all genre and “Life” holds our collective human stories in their hands outside of time.


One Response to “The Show Marches On…”

  1. M September 1, 2010 at 1:10 pm #

    The wit and style that match yours when outside of time : (Yundi Li playing).

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