Dreams are never free

2 Sep

Creativity and poverty often hold hands and walk down Hollywood Boulevard. Many a creative soul has drifted down those paved sidewalks dreaming of their own star, but struggling to pay the rent. Some say that dreams are free. And while dreaming doesn’t cost you a dime, chasing them can cost you everything.

If you are going to spend your life chasing dreams, it’s important to make certain that the dream you chase is actually yours, not somebody elses and not birthed out of an innate search for your inherent value. A dream can never take the place of faith, it can never love you the way a friend can. Dreams in one sense do not exist, they live in an imaginary vapor that lingers right in front of your nose, forever making promises that can never be clasped in the reality of the moment.

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One Response to “Dreams are never free”

  1. Bartolo September 6, 2010 at 1:39 pm #

    So right Geoff, dreams are bitches…

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