i’ve had bad news

12 Sep

The roller-coaster nature of my life and my career has taken another downward dip and I find myself searching for the reason for this particular season. Surprisingly for someone who writes a “very public” blog I recently realized that I am not that good at sharing my disappointments with those around me. There is a tendency to feel “invalid” when someone passes on your script, or you don’t get a call back or something just doesn’t turn out how you planned. Feeling invalid is a type of “shame” that can make you hide from the world which is in the simplest sense, a very “silly” yet understandable thing to do.


It’s silly because everybody gets turned down numerous times in their life and it is always better to share your disappointments with friends lest you carry them for too long and they become part of you. So here we go… I am learning to share my disappointments and not be ashamed, to let other people into my life, not just the highs but also the lows.

Recently I had Lucky & Rich in front of an Oscar nominated Director and I was incredibly hopeful that he would become part of our project, but in the end he said no.


4 Responses to “i’ve had bad news”

  1. Bartolo September 15, 2010 at 12:10 pm #


    Have you ever thought about the importance of your blog?
    We are gladiators, we look for teams to rely on, but we fight the most of our battles alone, and the most of them end up in frustration.
    We can’t really talk about our thoughts with others, we have to tight up our teeth and smile, but after collecting a good number of failures in a rowe we start asking ourselves if we are cursed.

    But then with your dayly blog we can say to ourselves This is the way it works then, it’s not just me!

    You know, a lot of friends try to encourage us, they say I know you will succeed, You deserve it, bla bla bla. And sometimes these encouragements hurt us in some ways, just because we work very much and then it doesn’t happen.

    But reading someone else is having the same experiences and thoughts is really encouraging: you can make the difference for many people, and this is something rare and precious for people who are fighting like you.
    Think about it when you feel what is happening in your life is just frustrating and pointless.

    • geofftalbot September 15, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

      thank you very much my friend

  2. Mark September 12, 2010 at 4:37 pm #

    The most successful people in life will be told no far more than the unsuccessful ones. The unsuccessful ones tend to give up on hearing no, and face rejection far less. The small percentage of people who achieve their dreams come to understand that rejection is just a necessary part of the journey. I feel certain you are in the latter group and probably don’t need me to tell you this!

    Is there anything you can learn from the event? Any feedback on the script you can implement? Any way you would change the approach, pitch or way the project was presented. If not then it wasn’t meant to be and onwards and upwards


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