How to stop procrastinating…

30 Sep

Procrastination kills passion slowly, it suffocates dreams by wrapping its hands around the umbilical cord of life and cutting off all the oxygenated blood. So although you remain pregnant with your dream, it is never born, it never comes to life, it never walks in the reality of your world. Procrastination steals time, it steals years, it may even steal your life. When you put something off until tomorrow, you should know that tomorrow never actually exists.

Thus my number one rule for avoiding Procrastination is this… “Never say you’ll do something tomorrow, always name a day and a time for doing the tasks that you wish to avoid. Also remember that a dream like a child is born undeveloped and immature. You have to feed it, give it discipline, shape it, and teach it if you wish for it to reach adulthood.


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