Freedom from… not freedom to…

20 Oct

My currently Bohemian and somewhat nomadic lifestyle, causes me to pause and think a lot about freedom. It’s easy to believe that to be “free” is to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want too; and it’s true, that is a type of freedom. It’s such a pity that sometimes we consider freedom to be an external pursuit and not an internal one?

Why is it then that a homeless bum with no more than fifty cents in his pocket, feels “free enough” to sing a creaky tune in public, and yet a singer like Britney Spears with all the money in the world is so bound up by the opinions of others that she would rather lip sync a song she’s sung ten thousand times than take the risk of missing a note? One of these people has everything, the other has nothing.

Freedom of course should not be confused with carefree abandonment, although abandonment from self is the only way you can truly be free. A wise man once said you can’t serve two masters; one of them being yourself, the other is being someone much bigger and more benevolent than you and I.

P:S: Check out this photographic essay of Rich (our homeless bum) from our film “Lucky & Rich.” The music is an original piece from Josiah Ruis, and is a rough recording…


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