Humiliation is essential

10 Nov

Every once and a while a little humiliation in our lives is essential.

Humiliation is a blessed thing, when it causes us to fall on our knees and admit that we are not enough, that we are in fact just like everyone else, that we cannot exist forever without faith and without the love of others.

Humiliation often leads us to humility, and humility is essential for freedom.

Humiliation wars against unhealthy pride, it can break through it; even though it is never what we desire… it frees us from the notion that we need to be better than anyone else. It allows us to love horizontally, rather than manipulate and control vertically.

If you are on your knees financially, morally, relationally or spiritually… do not be ashamed, do not cast your head low, but do not endeavor to get up in your own strength; lest you become proud. Instead look up, reach out, ask for help… for this is the sole purpose of your humiliation.


4 Responses to “Humiliation is essential”

  1. athomewithgod March 15, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    I really appreciate this post. I am researching a little for my humiliation post in progress. I would be grateful for feedback when I’m finished. Thanks.

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