Hunks of Clay

17 Nov

You cannot predict love anymore than you can predict life, Love does not wait for you to be ready, it does not require perfection or sainthood. Love may find you when you least expect it.

Love cannot be sanitized, manipulated, or controlled, the moment you contain love, it evaporates and is no longer; for love moves like the wind and longs for an adventure.

Love is more likely to be found in darkness than in light. Love is looking for the broken, the dirty, the bankrupt, those caught in despair and hopelessness… Love is looking for the lost and the lonely. Love can find you where ever you are. Love turns up in the craziest places…

Love found us broken, tired and worn out. Love turned up when we were jaded and not looking. Love changed our life. Love bought us together. Love is a very good thing… bugger I’ve written more than 7 sentences…

Help us pay for our “Green Card for Love” so we can be together forever and ever. Click on the picture below…

Click on my nose to help with our Green Card


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