Why the opposite is nearly always true…

22 Dec

The opposite is nearly always true; conventional wisdom generally ameliorates us from grasping a hold of the truth and finding life in both our days and our creative pursuits.  Warren Buffet once advised “buy when everyone else is selling.” Fear, greed and the pursuit of the risk averse choice are the favorite delicacies of the human palate.

Yet another wise person once said… “if you want to find your life you must first lose it.” Oh we can fight for our own equilibrium, to have our own particular piece of the pie; we can protect ourselves with a white picket fence and a dead-bolt or two, but when you get rid of the flowers your “own” space has become your prison.

Life isn’t safe and predictable, and when it becomes so… it ceases being “life” itself. Life has grown cold in the trappings of our culture, so instead it calls out now to the children, the vagrants, the wanderers, the poets, the explorers, the believers and the dreamers.


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