To the artists whom I love…

28 Dec

For those of us who live to create we must search for the “center of our creativity.” I believe this “center” is a rare, beautiful and unique place inside every human being. In this place the words, the music, the craft, the love, the intuitive artistic expression that requires little thought or moderation… tumbles out of us like waves thrown onto a beach.

It is “the reason” that you create. Yet no words, no thoughts, no knowledge or explanation are required for it does not exist inside your mind for it is simply received, molded and given.

The center of creativity MUST be nurtured and protected from exploitation, for it is your well-spring; your source of your creativity, a resource that if… correctly harnessed will never run dry. Beware of the wolf, who stands at your door with a briefcase in his hands and the glint of a dollar in his eye… it is not you he loves.


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