Character is everything… (Part 1)

29 Dec

In life as in fiction “Character” is everything. Invariably when I get stuck writing a screenplay, when I simply find myself not knowing what should happen next… a little voice resonates in my heart… “the answer is in the characters!”

As people, we make choices that chart the course of our relationships; dramatic decisions that define the stories of our lives… but here’s the thing, TOGETHER we all decide what will happen next. It is as much of a community decision than a solitary choice, everything a person does informs their relationships with others; whether it be microscopic or macroscopic, there is an effect and it does have influence.

Our world is full of post modern stories… it’s really just you and the universe, so do what you please. But that my friends is bullshit, you can’t drop a stone in a pond and not expect the water to ripple.

Life is not a solitary experience, we are all on a journey, and a great story that extends far beyond our imagination is being written everyday.

P:S: Comments, arguments, insults welcome


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