Like a very old book…

26 Jan

Old books are in some ways better than new books; I feel like they can be trusted because they have stood the test of time. C.S.Lewis said that he didn’t trust a book that hadn’t been around for more than one hundred years.

We are talking predominantly about literature that has gravitas, words that convey a deep human resonance or a sentence that tells the truth and cuts the heart of the reader in two.

Time is a great measure of quality and truth. If a book or a song, transcends many generations then by its very nature it has resonance and is most likely worth listening to.

On the contrary, new books, new methods, new voices spring forth almost daily in our popular culture; and if you try and track the voices your head will be in a constant spin. Substance lasts forever and needs very little publicity.


One Response to “Like a very old book…”

  1. Newzealandbakerdreamer January 26, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    Awesome post! I totally agree with you, old/used books are just beautiful amazing things. I actually just wrote about my favorite used book store at the beginning of the month. Again awesome post!

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