So you think you can act…

31 Jan

Anyone who knows anything about acting, understands that the worst place for an actor to be is “trapped inside their own head;” what do I mean?

When you are trying to problem solve, when you are trying to figure out what to say and how to say it, when you are watching yourself from a distance and judging every move you make… in short when you are thinking of acting instead of just being… you are dead in the water.

I hate being stuck in my head when I act and I detest being trapped inside my cranium in my daily life. It’s a lonely, vicious, brow furrowing spiral of death, no freedom can be found in this insipid place. It is difficult to watch and impossible to relate to for your audience; it comes out all measured, lifeless and forced.

The remedy for the actor is simple; the story comes alive when they take their eyes off themselves and lavish their attention on the others in the scene.


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