The World Falls Down…

15 Feb

The world falls down when you justify your existence and beliefs through a philosophy or theology that doesn’t embrace all kinds of people, in every different type of situation. The rich, the poor, the gay, the trans-gender, the Englishman, the Indian, the African, the disabled, the athlete, the clergy, the criminals, the believers and the skeptics… they are all part of life as we know it, they each carry within them the spirit of humanity.

Oh you can choose to not embrace, you can refuse to understand, you can disengage the poor… but this will harden your heart and you will be oh so much poorer for it… your riches will become filthy rags around your haughty soul.

The artist, the creative soul, must never harden his or her heart to the truth of life around them; pride and judgment are concrete walls that will block your ability to perceive and explore. That man or woman on the other side of the wall could easily be you… it’s true, lay down your pride and your fear.

Every good thing we have… we have been given, and how dare we pass down judgment without walking in another man’s shoes. How often have I found myself casting down criticism from my own little heaven, if only I had taken the time to listen…

For the truth speaks only when we listen, for it does not care to shout and it doesn’t have a point to prove.


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