the familiar skeptic…

22 Feb

Big dreamer… have you ever wondered why those closest to you struggle the most to believe in your dream? Lack of support from family and close friends can keep the adventurous spirit awake long into some very dark nights. You can feel very alone and unsupported… if this is you then I want you know something vitally important…

Your journey is not all about you… they know you well, they know your doubts, your frailties, your weaknesses and your strengths; most likely they want the best for you, they just don’t like seeing you struggle, they don’t like seeing you impoverished, they don’t like seeing you in pain. They don’t see the dream as clearly as you do.

But do not stop dreaming, for you would pay your Designer a great disservice… do what you were made to do. Your supporters are also on a journey of faith, they are learning to trust you, they are also learning to believe; be patient with them, it is a difficult road to walk in the darkness.

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