…purity is simplicity…

24 Feb

The greatest things are the simplest things, and simplicity by its very nature is uncontaminated, singular in its structure, pure and unadulterated. Refinement and purification are labors of great love for the artist committed to raw perfection.

This process of pure simplification cannot begin with the work of your hands, for if the heart of the artist is not pure and simple, then the work of their hands (however magnificent) will be largely truthful only in its contradiction. Learning to be simple and remaining in an uncluttered space is a lifelong journey.

It’s so easy to become tired, cynical, angry, greedy or proud, for life throws many arrows and can offer some of us great goblets of gold; and in our confusion, we lose the simplicity of being and the joy of creating.

In the simplest most pure state, the artist cannot be separated from their art, for one is merely a deep reflection of the other. Art is no longer the object, for art is the artist and the artist is the art.

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2 Responses to “…purity is simplicity…”

  1. Newzealandbakerdreamer February 24, 2011 at 11:04 pm #

    Another awesome post, I totally agree the simplest things are the best things.


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    […] morning he posted an article entitled “purity is simplicity” which is one of the most brilliant articles I have ever read. His ability to cut through the […]

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