If the Earthquake city can rebuild so can you…

2 Mar

Camelot, a beautiful, ancient, utopian city, cherished in fiction and was utterly destroyed and never rebuilt. Fast forward hundreds of years to Christchurch, New Zealand, and this ancient southern city has been destroyed, utterly flattened by a deep and violent groaning from within the earth.

Camelot was never rebuilt but Christchurch will be. Rebuilding is a much more difficult process than simply building; there is so much pain and grief involved in the rebuilding process. We are often tempted to move some where else, to begin a relationship or a marriage with another person, or to start another business, rather than dig through the ruins of what we have already built.

But something is lost when we avoid rebuilding… we are lost, for we have surrendered to an enemy we pledged to defeat, and no matter how well we attempt to build in another place, the shadow of defeat continually blocks out the purity of the sun. For we were made to conquer and to never surrender.

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Christchurch has fallen

The road is broken

Heroes die in battle...

Left with an eerie feeling of despair

... too much to repair...

The heart is broken

But the city will be rebuilt..

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