…good morning, thank you, good nite and a little bit of bumblebee sex…

3 Mar

The oldest things are now the rarest things on planet earth and hence they are also the most valuable. In big cities it is a “rare” and an extremely valuable thing to have someone look you in the eye and ask you how your day has been?

Likewise, simple manners, genuine interest in another person, and the ability to subvert ones own agenda and really listen are incredibly valuable commodities on the social networks. Lately I have been thinking of twitter as a rose garden where everybody is anxiously marking their own territory to such an extent that most of us have forgotten to stop and smell the glory in the roses.

We are so anxious about spreading our own message that we have lost sight and forgotten the true power in the social networks; they connect us, they allow us to communicate, to understand each other, to empower and to help. A bee must plunge deeply into the nectar of a flower if it wishes to pollinate, and pollination is essential for the production of seeds. So too we must deeply and sincerely connect with others, if we wish to build and grow mutually beneficial relationships.

P:S: I have expanded upon this on my social networking blog The Bullshit Revolution.

Marking your Territory

I'm not listening

Plunge into the nector

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