…failure rips out my guts…

9 Mar

Looking down is never a good thing… unless you are already on top of your mountain. I have a natural fear of heights but occasionally I still climb, and I’ve always found looking at the ground below to be extremely unhelpful.

I think you should always leap before you look down. When you focus all your energy on the reasons not to jump, not to climb, not to chase a dream or not to take a risk… almost certainly you will not jump; in fact you will stay behind that nice little white picket fence that keeps you safe from adventure. Adventure isn’t just found in not knowing the ending, it is also found in being unaware of the obstacles.

If you know the risks, if you know the obstacles, if you are 100% certain that you will conquer those obstacles, then there is no challenge, there is doubt, no surprise, no exploration, no fear, no growth, no victory, not defeat and worst of all no adventure.

Failure rips out my guts, it breaks me down to nothing, it humbles me and strengthens me all at the one time; it’s an integral part of the adventure.

White Picket Fence on a Hill


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