…eat your pound of flesh…

11 Mar

There is much “need” in this world. To me it seems wrong to succumb to comfort and boredom while people are dying without food, while there is injustice, inequality and child slavery, how can it be correct or decent for us to remain indifferently committed to our own indulgence?

… but you can’t fill every need… you can’t solve every problem… you can’t make a crooked life straight…

All you can do is listen and to discover what problems are yours to solve, which people you were made to protect, which less fortunate souls you are invited to fight for. First we must listen, then we must act, but also we have to eat.

So eat your pound of flesh… what is given to you is yours, use what you need to sustain yourself and then go help others.

How much is your pound of flesh?

Don't go out for a burger when you have steak at home...

Try not to take more than you can eat...


One Response to “…eat your pound of flesh…”

  1. Misty Muse March 11, 2011 at 9:11 am #

    Trying to dear, trying to. But then they don’t always understand they are not the only one and I don’t always have the tools/strength I need to help,so they come to me anyway and don’t want to go wait in their room for me to come help them 😦 So then it takes longer and other complications arize. I hope your well.

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