A clenched fist or an open hand…

21 Mar

I have no way of knowing if my film career will be successful; frank honesty like this disturbs some people, for it easy to confuse doubt with a lack of faith and passion. No I have not lost my faith and my passion for storytelling burns within me like an eternal flame.

How about you… Do you hold onto your dream with a clenched fist or an open hand?

Something in me knows I was made to do this, that I was designed to walk this road; it is not an easy path to walk. It is paved with self doubt and littered with disappointments. I’ve missed a lot of game winning shots.

Success is not what we typically imagine, it isn’t a golden statue or a box office hit. Success is walking the narrow rugged road, singing songs of hope, not worshiping the road itself, but trusting in the hands of him who made it….


2 Responses to “A clenched fist or an open hand…”

  1. Terry C March 21, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    Great post bro.!!! I’ve been talking a lot about this with some of my friends.
    The thing about God’s Dream is that when it is given to us we don’t always understand it. We think we understand it but there is a problem. To quote Dr. Mark Rutland “We do not speak God’s native language. What is the native language of God? It is not Hebrew or Spanish or even tongues. God speaks God.”
    In Gen.37 we meet a teen named Joseph who has had two dreams from God. Joseph interprets the dreams to mean that God was going to place him in leadership over his brothers. Joseph’s father had many sons but Joseph was his favorite. His father even showed his favoritism by giving him an expensive coat of many colors. Joseph probably thought that God’s dream for him was to take over his father’s property and become the head over the family; after all he has a dream from God and he is his fathers favorite. But the problem is he doesn’t speak God’s language. Yes, the dream God gave Joseph was that he would be the leader over his brothers but not by taking over daddy’s business. As we follow Joseph’s story we find that the coat that represents his version of God’s dream is ripped off him as his jealous brothers throw him into a pit, and then sold him into slavery. But God’s dream is bigger then Joseph could have ever imagined and if we skip to the end we find that God brings him out of slavery and even prison; and then places him second in command to Pharaoh (the ruler of Egypt). Also because of his position he is able to save his family from a seven year famine. What would have happened had he been able to hold on to his coat and his version of God’s dream for his life? What would have been the outcome of becoming head of the family?
    When we hold on to our version of God’s dream our hands are full. How can God give us the things he has for us when our hands are full? Even though you want to know if your dream is God’s dream give it up to him, sacrifice it at God’s alter and see what he gives you back.

    • geofftalbot March 21, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

      Thanks so much Terry… really appreciate you sharing. Awesome.

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