Stick to the plan…

29 Mar

Lucky & Rich, is a feature film I have in development. It will be made, because I will keep on going… through thick and thin, refining, reshaping, re-molding, re-selling until it is done. The only reason it won’t get made… will be if I give up trying… and sometimes that’s tempting.

I write this way because after two years of waiting, leaving and then re-entering the USA I am now free to stay, and free to work. This was what I was waiting for, this hugely helps us to create a stable base, to form the right form of financial structure and to finally raise he appropriate finance.

It’s AMAZING to me, that now I can work, people immediately want to loop a structure around my neck, they want me to settle down, get a regular job and give up trying. But the plan hasn’t changed… it just got a little bit easier.


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