My very first blog – two years ago

3 Apr

Below is my first blog entry from February 7th, 2009. What a crazy journey… It wasn’t even 7 sentences then…

I have a big dream. It’s crazy, illogical and marvelous. I want to make films that reach out and touch the world. The world is of course just ordinary people like you and me. I want to make the world richer and better for knowing me. Some of you reading of this may be thinking… “He’s such a dreamer!” Of course I am.

This week I was struck again by the notion that it is the truly small, innocent acts that change the world. Summer showers get a lot less publicity that tropical cyclones but they do a lot more good.

This week I witnessed the incredible joy of seeing a stranger I befriend, pay forward the message and befriend another stranger. It was beautiful to watch and it made my world feel good.

It’s the little interactions in our daily lives that have the great exponential power. The people you pass on your way today are important. Enjoy them and dream with me.


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