The Fighter…

6 Apr

Imagine a person not without fear, but imagine one who completely embodies the essence of courage. Go on imagine, who is that person…

In my mind I see a man, a man who kicks down doors, and breaks through barriers of hatred and loathing; a man who brings joy, laughter, friendship and peace to the dry, parched, dark places on this seemingly God-forsaken earth.

I am convicted by the knowledge that I am often afraid of even my own shadow; for when I stare into the murky pond of life, my own dim reflection haunts me and causes my dry bones to shiver. I fear simultaneously the “lack of who I am” and the promise of who I could be…

But you cannot find your life in shadows or in dim reflections, for they are bound up in the surreal and the cerebral, they are mere holograms. We must come out of the shadows and into the glorious light of grace, we must escape ourselves and find ourselves in the good hands of Christ before we kick down any doors.


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